Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tis the season... for fiddle heads!

So as I made my way home yesterday I stopped in the market and decided to just look at the veggies on offer... and realized (GASP) that it's FIDDLE HEAD season! I HEART fiddle heads... so I bought a small container of them and started thinking about what I would make... another quick stop to the Fresh Fruit Market, and I added some baby potatoes and an avocado to my bag...

This is the best time of year because the market is getting up and running again and everything looks so appetizing... I hope you enjoy this little recipe I cooked up (ha!). If anything, I hope that it inspires you to check out the local fresh produce and mix up your evening meal...

Warm Potato Salad
2 c. baby potatoes, cut in half (make sure they are the same size - so that they cook evenly)
1 c. asparagus, woody ends removed
1 c. fiddle heads
1 avocado, cut in half, pitted and peeled

Lemon-Dijon Dressing
juice of an entire large lemon
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
freshly ground salt and pepper
2 tsp honey
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
1/8 c. apple cider vinegar

Begin by boiling a large pot of water for the potatoes.

In a glass jar (with a lid) combine all your dressing ingredients together, cover and start shaking that jar! Using a jar makes it super easy to combine all the ingredients - AND also makes it easy to store any leftovers. Taste the dressing and adjust the seasoning according to your taste buds.

Add the potatoes to the rapidly boiling water and cook to your liking - a fork should be able to pierce through easily. Drain.

A couple of minutes before the potatoes are ready, cook the asparagus and fiddle heads in a little boiling water (just covered) for about 2 minutes (they should still be crunchy when you bite into them). Drain and cut the asparagus in bite sized pieces (cut in 3rds).

Also, prepare your avocado - cut it in half and remove the pit. Using a spoon, remove the peel and scoop out (in one piece) the avocado. Slice it length-wise.

The key to this salad is all in the timing - you want to make sure that everything is done @ the same time... so that it really is a warm salad. Drain all the veggies, combine them in a large bowl, add the avocado and then dress it up!

I had this along with a red-snapper in my BBQ sauce (from the pork chops recipe)... really really nice. Ah... the joys of walking through the market.

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