Monday, October 5, 2009

i'm back...sorry about that!

I know... September was pretty much a write off for blog entries... my hard drive died on me (a million sighs to be heard that day... and a few tears were shed). I dealt with that little crisis and then decided to cook my woes away…

So although the oven was turned on, it wasn't used for baking. Rather, I succeeded in roasting my very first WHOLE CHICKEN!!!! Whoot! I know what you're thinking - how can Lynne NOT have already roasted a chicken. Well... I always bought chicken breast, always afraid of that entire bird. But I finally decided to bite the bullet: I bought a bird and roasted it. Then I made my very first chicken stock - and created a pretty awesome chicken vegetable soup (dinner tonight - perfect after my bike ride in the cold). I also roasted my very first pork tenderloin... butterflied it, stuffed it and roasted it. A combination of panko crumbs, apples and mushrooms formed my stuffing - another first (I'd never made a stuffing before either). So September was great for experimenting with roasting.

This leads me to now. I've decided that October will be a full-tilt baking extravaganza! I've been reading a fictional novel that has a sprinkling of recipes (the protagonist is a former pastry chef)... So I've decided to bake all the recipes in the book... from sticky buns, souffl├ęs, pies and cakes... PLUS I've decided to use all those root veggies that are in season and turn them into sweet little treats - zucchinis, parsnips, carrots and beets blended with chocolate, butter and cream. Overall, I am super excited to start baking.

I promise this month will be full of mouth-watering delights... beginning with sticky chocolate fudge pecan brownies (recipe to follow). Seriously - sorry for the delay, but the sabbatical was worth it (I promise).

Stay tuned - and fingers crossed I'm able to add some pictures as well ;0)

Thanks friends for sticking with me. It's great to be back!

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