Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my favourite dessert... to date

Day three... Sunday. As in Easter Sunday. Who can forgo some sort of little treat on Easter Sunday?! Surly not me! By this point I've landed in Biarritz - surfing Mecca of France - white sandy beaches, a beautiful white-washed town with old French charm. After enjoying probably my favourite meal to date; fresh pasta tossed in a seafood medley, and dancing the night away (well, not quite the entire night, but a good portion of it), it was time to meet the day, walk around the town and find some sort of Easter delight.

I found my own personal Mecca. La Pâtisserie Miremont ; it didn't matter which way I turned, I was surrounded! First those dainty little cakes; chocolate, caramel, butter, sugar... all that is decadent in this world! Then I discovered the gâteau macarons... imagine, a cake decorated in macarons... I heart the cookies, but could I heart an entire cake? And finally, the treat that truly tempted me... a little tartelette known simply as le gâteau basques. It honestly looked like the simplest of all the options, but something about it just made me want to grab one, wander down to the beach and bite right into it.

A buttery tart filled with a light cream and then baked to perfection, coarse sugar sprinkled on top, it was the perfect blend of crispy outside, moist, flaky filling and an explosion in your mouth. My goal is to find this recipe... un gâteau basques is now my new favourite dessert.

La Pâtisserie Miremont is my new standard on pastries... it has beat out the Sacher Hotel in Vienna (and I ADORE the sacher torte). Taking a bite of this little tartlette really did brighten my day. Sitting on the beach didn't hurt any either :0)

I hope the next time I blog about this gâteau I'll have made it in my kitchen and can share a recipe with all of you! À la prochaine mes amies!


Nicole R.J. said...

Oh my gosh Lynne, I'm drooling over here! Living vicariously through all your delish photos.

guevremont2 said...

superbe,did you find the recipe for the gateau basque yet? I am sure we are all interested.
aunty michele