Sunday, June 13, 2010

time for a change!

Hiya everyone...

So -- you noticed that I asked how you felt about my template change. Well... I've actually decided on an even bigger one.

I'm leaving

That's right... after a chat with a friend who, in another life, was a web designer, I've decided to go over to

All this means is that you should change your favourites (if this is indeed one of your favourites) to the following address:

or click here:

The Twisted Chef (version 2.0)

Check it out... I'm really excited about all the blogging to come... and I really think this new site will allow me to develop my blogging abilities.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

I really hope that you follow me over... become a "follower" ... ;0) and you'll get my updates automatically to your email address. See... I'm doing most of the work for you!

See you over at!!!

And thank you for helping me start this adventure; I'm really enjoying this ride!

See you soon (and to tempt you... I've already posted something on the new site).

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