Friday, June 11, 2010

to change the template or not?

I need your help.

see... the blog has changed a little... I picked a different template.

Do you like it?

Should I keep it?

Should I go back to the original?

You have until Sunday, the 13th @ midnight to weigh-in.

Let me know... I heart comments and opinions!


Sylvie McDermott said...

At first glance, I would have said no. But then, I looked at some of your old blogs and I like the look. So I vote yes. I may look at changing mine too.

guevremont2 said...

I have a notebook, 10", and everything starts on the left side, so what is important should be on the left. I have to scroll right to see the rest, so YES, I like it on the left better!

Chloe said...

J adore, c est bien plus design, getting better by the minute this blog