Friday, October 16, 2009

lovin' from the oven...well, almost ;0)

I will admit it… I’ve never baked real bread… only Irish soda bread – which can’t really count since it doesn’t have yeast, nor does it need to be kneaded or left to rise (it does still hit the spot though).

That said, last night I participated (watched and talked from the sidelines) in a bread making experiment... we added wayyyyyyyyyy to much flour (my fault - I encouraged use of the entire amount called for in the recipe)... that resulted in having to let the dough rise overnight rather than just the estimated hour we had thought.

I haven't seen (or tasted) the end result, BUT it did inspire me. Early this morning I got up and started working on my very first bread dough. I have absolutely no idea how this attempt will turn out; since, as I type this, it is sitting in a covered bowl in my oven, slowly doing what it has to do - rise.

But I will tell you I did learn from last night's mistake... I added the flour slowly and tried not to add too much.

I'll take a picture when I get home tonight and post it... and the recipe! This is very exciting – think of the possibilities…raisin bread, brown molasses bread…oh, the possibilities are endless.

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