Friday, March 12, 2010

cake anyone?

Emily and I have been friends for... 12 years now. I met Emily on my first day in Ottawa; 10th floor Thompson Residence. We got along right away and stayed friends long after we checked out of residence and became the people we are today.

A few years back Em and I decided to run a 30 km race together... I would see her every week, sometimes twice in the same day: we would encourage each other by talking about... food. Sweet potato fries to be exact. We successfully completed the race and Em vowed never to do it again; so we came up with another way to spend time together... baking. Baking cakes to be exact.

This is our first collaboration. My colleague at work, Sylvie, asked if we could bake her daughter's engagement cake. She gave us the details - beach theme, date of the proposal and was specific about wanting a starfish or two. We rolled up our sleeves and decided to get baking.

I baked the cake (5 batters to be exact) and made the syrup. Em did the hard stuff. I bow down to my friend for being able to decorate this massive 14x14 cake.

I am so excited to share the results with you. As you can see, a marbled cake with vanilla buttercream icing was taken to the "beach" to celebrate a happy couples engagement. I think that Emily was able to capture exactly what Sylvie was asking for...starfish and all ;0)

I love that not only do I get to bake cakes, but I get to spend time with Em. This is even better than those runs... since not only do we get to talk about food, but we get to sample it too!

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