Tuesday, June 8, 2010

two reasons to celebrate...

The baking duo were at it again!

Remember how Emily and I baked and decorated that engagement party cake? Well, one of my other colleagues saw the cake and asked me if we could make her a baby shower cake. Her son and his girlfriend are expecting twins... sex of the babies are unknown, but she was hosting a party on Sunday and needed a cake for 50 people.


We sat down and sorted out the details.

We decided on a square, two tiered, marble cake - extra chocolate in the batter (the parents to be are chocoholics).

I then sent her some ideas to view and she picked the peas in a pod... well two little peas in a pod (they are expecting twins after all). Em did an amazing job covering the cakes in the fondant, shaping the little peas and pods, making the teeny feet...

I said there were two reasons to celebrate right? Well... I didn't mean two because of the twins :0)

4 days before the shower cake was due, my colleague asked for a second cake. Her younger son and his girlfriend were both celebrating their graduation this past weekend also, and she wanted a cake for that occasion too!


This one, a simple 3 layered lemon cake (a round), covered in thick butter cream. Emily was given carte blanche for decorating, and I think she did an amazing job with the fondant graduation caps and the blue and yellow piping... simple and classic. And all on short notice!


Redpath said...

Your lemon cake sounds divine and looks amazing!

I don't know if we could live without peanut butter either; if I had to choose between air and peanut butter...well...I'd try sticking peanuts up my nose.

We have a great recipe for a fudge cupcake stuffed with a peanut butter ball topped with raspberry buttercream.

Lynne said...

THANKS! I heart my lemon cake... i think it's my pride and joy :0)

now... those cupcakes - stuffed with peanut butter ball and topped with raspberry buttercream... that sounds AWESOME!

wanna swap recipes? ;0)

Tatiana said...

OMG - you truly are amazing!! One day you'll have to show me how to make a cake - I also ADORE lemon, as you know:)

guevremont2 said...

very nice blue and dots piping but the tip for the letters is too big to make them elegant.